#WednesdayWisdom: Wisdomless


I was out in the world today, not more than recommended, mind you, but for the essentials, getting groceries for myself and my parents. The stores weren’t frenzied, they weren’t packed, but the shelves were bare in places, the produce gone in large swathes.

People tried to give other people space, and it seems creativity will dominate cooking for the foreseeable future.

There was no flour.

Absolutely no flour.

It mad me sad, if you want the truth, sad for what we’ve lost, some things incrementally, some all at once. Sad to feel the energy in the air, the uncertainty, the tentative smiles.

Sad that, in the face of the apocalypse, the thing we hold most dear is toilet paper.

Which there is none of, by the way.

This era feels like a foreign land, ground shifted beneath our feet, all the while we were yelling “no” into a void soundproofed with money. Oh how they love that money, those people who coax the void, who nurture it, who are it, deep inside.

Void and money.

So here we and here we’ll be until they tell us it’s safe to come out. And maybe some of those “give him a chance” people will finally learn there are some chances some people should never have.

That much should have been obvious.

Have a good rest of your Wednesday.

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