#WednesdayWisdom: Normalcy and no more


Went to the grocery store and when someone stood two feet away from me, instead of six, I felt my space had been invaded. I never would have noticed him before, but now, when he reached in front of me to close a fridge door someone else had left ajar, it was though he’d touched me.

Strange times.

Stocks were good though, I think the buying frenzy has softened, now that people know the stores will be there and supplies will be there. I shop for my parents as well, working through their list and I wonder if people assume I’m hoarding.


So yesterday was about trying something new while we’re in this uncertain landscape, and I couldn’t think of what I wanted to try. But I think it will be this: I think I will reach out more. How hard can that be?

Possibly very.

So here’s the next thing. What’s something you want to give up? It can be resolution-like if that works for you, quitting smoking, perhaps, eating healthier foods while at home and giving up the more processed stuff.

It can be more abstract. I’m currently adoring and charmed by “Dispatches from Elsewhere,” a show with just the exact right tone for now, and if you’re not watching it you should, you can stream it on AMC. One of the lines really hit me: “It’s OK to be wrong.”

You can start something, try something, whatever you want, and it’s OK to be wrong.


That’s my thing. Letting go of the stigma of being wrong.

Look at that, it’s a long one today. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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