#MondayThoughts: Now with more thinking


One of the things about sheltering in place is we have a lot of time to think. That can be great, leading to ideas and innovations and new things to try; and that can be very very bad as we spiral down into imaginings of the worst.

I definitely have a tendency toward heading to the worst, going deep, deep down the rabbit holes and emerging on the other side.

People always suggest yoga and meditation, and I do think that helps, at least me, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Vigorous exercise also seems to burn the anxious right out of you.

I know a lot of people turn to alcohol, with a drink or two to unwind, but I find the more stressed I am, the more stressed alcohol makes me, a day or two later. I suspect it has something to do with how it breaks down for me.

But if you notice a similar pattern, you may want to ease up on that avenue.

The crochet can also help, keeping my hands busy until my mind unties its knots, ironically while my fingers tie theirs.

What helps you?

And while you contemplate that, have a stellar Monday.

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