#WednesdayWisdom: Better Late


So I ran around doing errands today, and it was less fun than I expected. It’s stressful to try to maintain distance, especially when other people aren’t considerate. People who don’t take turns.

One guy reached right next to me in the meat case, and I had to tell him he was too close. He looked surprised. He didn’t apologize.

It’s a strange world where our well-being can depend upon people who really don’t care. Whose thought at making someone ill would be a mere shrug. Who think the rules somehow do not apply to them.

Who’d have thought the apocalypse would be so fun?

And so while I thought it would be good to be out for a while, it turns out I just couldn’t wait to get home, where I’ve been for weeks now. And yet, with the internet, it doesn’t feel so limited.

Anyway, I hope you’re doing well and taking care of yourself. Have a fantastic Wednesday, however much Wednesday you have left.

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2 thoughts on “#WednesdayWisdom: Better Late

  1. I made a dash to the shops and accidentally bumped into someone (I think she bumped into me). She was very apologetic but even so I couldn’t wait to get home, strip and shower. From now on its all home delivery and I wash all the fruit and veg in warm soapy water. My husband has just had an operation so we are being very careful. Actually I love being home. My exercise group is now online with Zoom three days a week, my Book Club is using Messages on FB and my daughter is sending lots of videos of the grandchildren home schooling. They were washing the windows this morning. Plus hubby needs a lot of TLC and I’m doing the A to Z which is time consuming by the time I read what others have written and reply. How different this isolation would be without the internet!

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    • Yes, the internet really makes it much more bearable. How fun about your exercise group!

      I know exactly how you feel with that woman. What a strange time.

      I’m glad you’re keeping safe and busy! I decided against a to z this year, but I’ll have to see what you’re up to, it’s always interesting!


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