#WednesdayWisdom: Imperfect is good enough


And it’s foggy again, with sunshine behind. I don’t know how she’s doing it, but Mayor Lightfoot seems to have even the weather on a tight leash.

Yesterday was a bad day with deaths here in Illinois, our highest total yet, 73. And I type that with the fear that the number could, at some point, sound very small. I hope the sheltering in place is working.

Even though we find ourselves with all of this time, it sometimes feels hard to make efficient use of it. And maybe that’s just fine.

I’ve had issues come up, and I have to do this complicated calculus of what risk is the best risk. Go for solutions that may not be complete solutions, but they’ll do, at least for now, at least until this ends.

This isn’t easy, and it’s frightening, and perhaps the scariest part of all is the man foisted in charge by an outside force that only wants the worst for us, and that man tries, time and time again, to make it all as terrible as possible, all while making himself rich.

Not the best of times, though maybe it’s time to reread A Tale of Two Cities.

Anyway, have a great Wednesday, and give yourself a break. You’re doing the best you can with what you have.

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