#FridayThoughts: Eh, why not

Aunty Ida's Full-Service Mental Institution face mask in black with white and orange writing.

So I made some Aunty Ida face masks, largely because the idea of people wearing them out and about in public just completely cracks me up.

I think there’s no way you’re not getting space with those. I mean come on.

Perhaps the lockdown has gotten to my absurdist layer. It really didn’t have far to go.

I’m sure as May stretches onward, I’ll be adding other ridiculous face masks and other items, because honestly, why not? Also dressing up the store should be fun.

Because again.

Why not.

Anyway, here we are at another Friday, this one sunny and squeaky new, and I can see the dandelions popping up even from here. I love Spring. I’m sorry I don’t get to see it in person.

So that’s me for the week, have a wonderful Friday and a perfect weekend. Oh and the masks also come in white for that just-released institutional look!


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