#MondayThoughts: Weeking on


I can’t say that my attempt to keep it light last week was entirely successful. It’s tiring, this new way of life, and honestly, I’m tired of it. And that’s the entire truth.

If I could be more upbeat, I would, but it’s been a long time of this, and there are so many people trying to make it worse, perhaps hoping to increase the spread. Who knew so many people wish they could kill other people?

So many.

It’s gray again today, though it could get sunny any moment, it’s been doing that, bright and dark, dark and bright. My head doesn’t like it at all.

At some point, people will ask what it was like when nearly 70,000 Americans died in two months and the government tried to make it worse at every turn, seizing equipment and tests, insisting people offer themselves as human sacrifices for the economy.

And the answer is it was ghoulishly normal, one day bleeding into the next, the dishes still getting done, laundry folded and put away, too much time in front of the television and opining on social media.

It is slow and it is fast and it is, above all else, excruciating.

That’s it for me for today, have as great a Monday as you can, and if it’s not a great Monday, that’s OK too.

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4 thoughts on “#MondayThoughts: Weeking on

  1. I spent all Monday thinking it was Tuesday. I even rang the doctor to apologise for my husband missing his appointment. I couldn’t understand why the usual money had not gone into the bank account. Talk about messed up! Anyway now it is Tuesday morning and we are off for an outing to the doctor at 10. Mostly we have had visits over the phone but this one needs a physical presence. Yesterday we drove to Bunnings which is a massive hardware store and I couldn’t believe the people who weren’t social distancing despite the warnings of four to an aisle and the special in and out doors and the hand sanitizer and trolley sanitizer. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

    My grandchildren are going to school on Thursday of next week. Is it too soon? We have kept the infection rate low in Australia but will it burst out when we loosen up?

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    • I didn’t realize you guys were opening up! Please stay well, I hope people continue to wear masks.

      I’ve definitely had those days where you’d swear it was a different day all day!

      I was at the grocery today, and people were pretty good over all, the aisles are one way but some people ignore that. Everyone had a mask, they’re required now.

      It was less stressful than the last time, thank goodness! I’m about to blog about it, but spoiler alert: Toilet paper.

      Please do what you can to keep yourself healthy!


  2. There is no requirement to wear masks here. The only people who do are those with colds or flu. At first it was to free up masks for those in the public eye, doctors, nurses etc but they are freely available now. Restrictions are being lifted for Mother’s Day with family visits being allowed. I hope that doesn’t result in a spike of cases. We have told our children not to visit as my husband is still recovering from an operation. Looks like Zoom for Mother’s Day.

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    • I’m sorry but I’m really glad, if I’m being honest. Health is so much more important.

      I’m surprised masks are not required, but your rates are so much lower, I just checked and you’ve only had 93 deaths! That’s amazing. We had more than that in Chicago alone yesterday. And under 7000 cases in the whole country!

      So hopefully it’s a little reassuring to know it’s not nearly as entrenched there as here, even allowing for the difference in population. We’re at nearly 1.3 million cases and over 77,000 deaths nationally.

      Do please take care, and even use cloth masks, though not required.



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