#TuesdayThoughts: Evolution


It’s unabashedly sunny today, a few streaky clouds but nothing serious. My workout was good, my orange this morning particularly good, my coffee is cold but there’s nothing new about that.

The trees are starting to green up, and it’s a bit like fall in reverse, with some of them full of reddish-brown buds. I wonder if the crab apples are out yet.

I love the crab apples.

Today would be the day to meander along the lakefront, if only we were allowed to do so. Maybe soon.

That would be nice.

Though I can’t imagine feeling comfortable close to other people yet. It feels like our world is forever changed. In evolution, some change happens gradually, over millennia. Other change suddenly because of a catastrophic event.

We’re living our catastrophic event.

It doesn’t mean things will be worse forever, but they may be different. Sometimes species thrive because of the cataclysmic event. We’re here for precisely that reason; the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs made room for mammals to flourish.

It wasn’t so great for the dinosaurs, though.

Anyway, that’s it for Tuesday. Have a really lovely one.

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