#MondayThoughts: Can you be running late if you have nowhere to go?


I did things in a different order this morning and now I feel like I’m late for my blog.

How can a person be late for a blog?

I have absolutely no idea. Still, I feel as though I’m behind. Gotta be Monday.

The weather seems fully committed to fog, like it’s run out of ideas and just wants a little privacy. Who are we to tell the weather what to do, the weather does what the weather does.

I’ve had my coffee but I wouldn’t mind more, though maybe I should just reheat what I have, there’s still a bunch left. There we go.

I baked a lot this weekend, starting Friday night with pizza, and then Saturday morning using the rest of the pizza dough for cinnamon rolls. Then I made bread, but the recipe made two loaves, so instead I did one loaf and eight rolls. They came out great, I’m fully breaded, and I think I’m no longer intimidated by yeast.

So that’s me for this gray, gray Monday. Have a great one, and a fantastic start to your week.

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