#TuesdayThoughts: The change to come


We seem to be trudging toward a very dismal future, unless something intervenes and as of yet nothing seems inclined. But let’s be clear: where we are falls solely, solely on the shoulders of Republicans.

One thing that genuinely irks me is when people blame Democrats for the Republicans’ actions, and then say there’s no use in blaming the Republicans because they won’t do anything. And that’s exactly the point of it.

Blame them. Hold them accountable. Make their compliance with a regime that wants to deploy the military against US citizens the worst decision they ever made. Push back.

Don’t complain that Democrats didn’t say the thing you wanted them to say in the words you wanted them to say it. Take the fight to the people who are actually causing us harm.

Only the Republicans can stop Trump at this point. Only the Republicans, because they hold the Senate. Only the Republicans can say this has to end, that using federal police to tear gas a peaceful crowd exercising its First Amendment rights is too far.

I’m sure that they won’t, but hold them accountable. Name their names., including the ones advocating active killing of dissenting Americans. And come November, make sure they lose for their lack of loyalty to their nation and their constituents.

The time where silence is not violent has passed.

Have a reflective Tuesday.

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