#MondayThoughts: Already Frustrated


Sometimes you have to wonder if people are genuinely wanting to solve problems, or if they just want to stir up the mud.

There are far more mud stirrers than you would think. Or at least than I would think. Sometimes I hate this place.

This place being Earth.

It’s a rough way to start out a week, angry and annoyed, but that’s pretty much the base emotion these days, everything piles on top of angry and annoyed.

At least they are emotions that can be channeled for writing.

Speaking of writing, I don’t think I’ve mentioned my writing for Rantt Media on my blog. It’s political, some of it nuts-and-bolts, some of it more toward analysis.

Here are my articles, if you’re interested, and I’ll be adding a link in the sidebar. I suppose I could have done that with more fanfare.


It’s the annoyedness again.

Anyway, I’m off to do…stuff. Have a great, productive Monday in which you manage to channel your frustration.

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