#TuesdayThoughts: Onward onward


It’s Tuesday, in case you hadn’t noticed or lost track, and I am not full of ideas. That does happen. Lately, more often than not.

I had a spider on the handle of my window this morning, it was clearly trying to find its way back out, and I obliged it, trapping it in a little cup, and then putting it in the widow frame. And like it knew what was happening, it walked to freedom.

There are a ton of people outside on this sunny day with fluffy bursts of clouds, the sky at least a dozen shades of blue. You’d think it was a normal day in early summer, not the middle of a pandemic, not life under a fascist.

Humans are adapatable.

Or maybe really really adept at denial. I largely think it’s the second one.

I didn’t finish my coffee this morning, I probably should have, alas. I could always heat it. Or pretend it’s iced and it’s supposed to be cold.


Anyway, I’m off into the great yonder of Tuesday. Have a great day, as long as it’s grounded in reality.

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