#MondayThoughts: A potted plant would have made a better president.


A literal potted plant. Let me illustrate.

Advisor: “Mr. President, (yes, it’s a male potted plant. There was a much more qualified female potted plant, but people thought she was too firmly planted and her leaves should have more shine. Let’s start again.)

Advisor: Mr. President. FEMA says we need to deploy supplies and support to Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

President Potted Plant:

Advisor: Thank you, Sir, we’ll follow FEMA’s suggestion.

Advisor: Mr. President, there’s some weird guy here, I’m not sure how he got in here really, he just keep showing up. Out of thin air. Often after people see a loose bat.


Advisor (cont’d): But anyway, you know families seeking asylum at the border? He’s suggesting that we separate them, put the kids in these camps, you know, at high concentrations, and then adopt them out and keep no records, and deny them education, adequate food and sanitation in the meanwhile. Like I said, he’s weird. What do you say?

President Potted Plant:

Adivisor: Good, Sir, then we’ll just stay the course and not do any of that.

Advisor: Mr. President, there’s a terrible virus emerging, and our health experts advise pandemic protocols: testing and isolation, contact tracing and PPE. What course should we take?

President Potted Plant:

Advisor: OK so pandemic protocols it is then.


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