#WednesdayWisdom: Make asteroid-ade


So it seems our changed world isn’t going away any time soon. With no attempt from the federal government to control the spread or even minimize the death toll, we now live in an era with a ghoulish specter around every supermarket aisle.

When asked about the Americans dead, trump said “It is what it is.” No concern, no mourning, no thoughts for the dead who do not have to be. Just “it is what it is.”

We can rage against it, and we need our anger now more than ever, but even as we do, we have to adjust or we will exist in this state of reaching for something that is no longer there. Some people cannot handle it at all, you can see it in their ridiculous, depthless rage over masks.

Those are the creatures who perish after the asteroid. We are not the creatures who perish after the asteroid.

We take that asteroid and make asteroid-ade.

Just not literally because it would taste terrible. Let’s march toward November, or barely lift our feet toward November, because we’re tired, making the best of what there is now, and knowing our only hope of any normalcy comes with putting an end to this regime.

Meanwhile, accept now for what it is. It’s not great, it’s scary, and it could get worse. It’s also entirely the fault of Republicans. Do not forget that, and cut that rot out of our government forever.

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