#WednesdayWisdom: Don’t be stupid


This may be a repeat of a topic, but there’s way too much stupidity at this excruciating juncture in time. Don’t add to it.

Think, don’t react. Be aware there are coordinated, careful campaigns to nudge you one way or another, but those directions are not your best interest. Don’t dismiss reality because it’s outlandish, that’s where we are now.

Sometimes the stupidity makes my teeth ache, it’s so intense and so widespread. People want so badly to cling to a version of something that is gone and is never coming back. We live in a post-donald trump world.

It’s interesting how people have taken on his stupidity, drenched themselves in it, how they’ve worn it like a cloak. As though they’ve finally gotten the permission they wanted to turn their brains off, for once and for all. It’s like every dystopian novel mashed into a horrible Frankenreality.

The only way now is forward, and we can’t get there if people keep wandering off on side journeys that make no sense. Be skeptical. Always ask yourself who something benefits and why they’re doing it.

And for goodness sake, take your brain out of neutral. We need critical thinking now more than ever.

Have a great Wendesday.

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