#WednesdayWisdom: Fire


I am a level of enraged today that is difficult to quantify. What trump and his regime have done to this country is unconscionable. “Deplorable” was a kind description.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, just over the border from Illinois, police officers apparently coordinated with heavily armed white supremacists, who actually shot protesters. One has since died, others are injured.

This would not happen under anyone else. The government has a system of oversight that would have prevented it under normal circumstances; these groups also would have been tracked, as they are, as domestic terrorists.

But no, we are on the precipice of full nazi Germany. Not exaggeration, not hyperbole, it is exactly the same thing that happened before the full takeover, and Melania Trump wore a uniform just like Hitler’s last night to prove it.

This goes beyond politics, this is pure humanity. We are so far into the danger zone, it’s unclear if we can get out again. If you are in the US, vote in the most direct way possible to you. We need to keep the House. We need to win the Senate.

And we need to dislodge this fascist regime.


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