#FridayThoughts: Don’t give in to false reality


If you haven’t read Orwell’s 1984, you should, we are currently living through it. The predominant theme is keeping a sense of reality when external factors try to tell you what reality is, in direct contradiction to what your own senses tell you.

Sound familiar?

As trump tries to sidle his way from incumbent to challenger, with the hopes of pinning his failures incomprehensibly on Joe Biden, hold fast to to what is real. What we see now, the violence that is happening now, this sense of lawlessness that white supremacists can kill at will without consequence, that is all trump.

The destruction of the post office with the hopes of changing the election is all trump. The 180,000 dead of a preventable pandemic, the worst death rate in the world, is all trump. The smoldering ruins of the economy, all trump.

Do not forget the children in cages or Puerto Rico. Do not forget “it is what it is.” Reality is reality. Hold on tight.

Have a great, real Friday and weekend.

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