#MondayThoughts: Unraveling reality


As the so-called “right” LOVES to talk about “false flag” operations, I’m suspecting they planted one of their own in Portland. Does that make me sound unhinged?

At this point does it matter?

People told me for ages that I was “hysterical” over trump, that I was overreacting, that his open and obvious interactions and connections with Russia didn’t exist.

So basically, been there, done that, no t-shirt acquired.

Perhaps it is a brain that constructs stories that so quickly lays obvious plotting bare. Perhaps it’s the eye for the details that make things feel solid or makes them as flimsy as a trump attempt to shift the blame for things happening on his watch to someone who is not in office.

Who knows.

Probably more “politics” than you want, but when the very fabric of what is real can be dismissed with “political” you know you’re in trouble.

Anyway, I’m off into Monday. Have a good one.

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