#TuesdayThoughts: The mysteries of UGH.


Is Tuesday too early in the week for “ugh?” Is ugh something you can have right out of the gate and just keep going?

The mysteries of ugh.

I’m at the pointless stage of this exercise called existence, everything feels futile, and that’s probably by design. If everything was futile, then they probably wouldn’t work so hard to convince us that it is.


It’s a seriously gray day today, clouds heavy, the sky dark, but no sign of rain, not yet. It’s September suddenly, and the trees and grass know it, the bright greens are no longer so bright.

I get how they feel.

I’ve had coffee, and I’ve had sugar, a cinnamon roll from this weekend, they do very well in the freezer. And yet, my morning grog persists. Last night I awoke, unable to fall back asleep for a while, until suddenly I was very much asleep and very much dreaming and my alarm was going off.

Vastly unfair, don’t you think?

Anyway, I’m going to ugh my way through this gloomy day. Have a great Tuesday, I hope it’s ugh free.

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