#FridayThoughts: AI is out to get us


I mean I can’t prove it. But I have my suspicions. I’m feeling like one big glitch.

I’m wondering if I should cut back to half-caff, at least for a while, I had it yesterday, slept well, and felt less anxious. Who knew that caffeine could interfere with all that.

Oh, right. Everyone.

It’s a brightly sunny day today, and outside it looks like September, the grass is yellowing, the trees fading. In the distance, I can see a spot of red among the green.

The seasons have folded one into the other into the other this year, the only one solid and real was winter. The cold and the ice and the snow, all tangible, the cutting wind something real.

No spring at all this year, because we were inside for it, and summer wasn’t much more outside time, at least not for me. This is a terrible time in a terrible time.

We need to get rid of the terrible people. Vote, but only once, as everything else is illegal.

That’s it for me, have a great weekend and a peaceful Labor Day. Remember the people who brought us the reforms Republicans are constantly trying to take away. Yep, I named names.

There’s only truth now, and no softening it.

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