#WednesdayWisdom: Make cinnamon rolls


Gray again today, and I’m searching the old memory banks–feeling older all the time–for one tiny, tiny grain of wisdom to impart upon you on this upteenth Wednesday in this living nightmare we call now. And really, all I have are cinnamon rolls.

Um what?

Yeah, I had the same reaction. But once a week or so, I make pizza dough. I use half of it for pizza, or last time, calzones, which I froze, and it worked out well. With the other half, I make cinnamon rolls.

It’s a little bit of effort on a weekend morning, though not that much, as the dough is already made most of the time. Given I use pizza dough, it’s fast when it isn’t.

And then I freeze them, and in the mornings I have a treat that’s ready to go and heavenly with coffee.

You may not be a cinnamon roll person. You might be an egg burrito person or a waffles person and I swear this isn’t just about breakfast food or food, but both of those, I understand, freeze well.

Set aside a little time to make a treat you can dip into during the week, whether it’s a project you’re working on, something yummy or whatever makes you smile. It’s worth the effort.

And that’s my wisdom. Have a great Wendnesday.

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