#FridayThoughts: Oh yeah. Right.


Just realized I haven’t yet written a post today. It’s been a backward, mixed-up kind of day, and I think I lost one of my favorite earrings.

I know, right?

How it could have vanished, I’m not sure, it was there and then it was not and of course I fear it might have decided to find a drain. Earrings can do that, you know.

Maybe I’ll find it. Maybe I won’t. Given it’s 2020, I probably won’t but I guess you never know.

It’s sunny today, and yet a kind of day where the sun doesn’t penetrate, not quite. We’re in a man-made hole and I specify man because essentially all of them are. Men who want wealth and power above all else; men who think other people exist only to give them those things.

So it’s not great.

I’m still not optimistic, the loss of an earring will exacerbate that for you, but I am only willing to call the end the end. Otherwise, I will make my pizza later and watch a movie, and try not to think too far in the future.

Sometimes it works. Anyway, have a great Friday, which is already half-overish, and a wonderful weekend.

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