#MondayThoughts: Round again


It’s bright and sunny and cold today, though nowhere near as cold as it will get. The trees have color and it’s Fall, even if it seems like Spring and Summer never really came at all this year.

Donald trump is in the hospital, supposedly with COVID-19 but the problem is it’s impossible to know what the truth is. At once he’s receiving treatments given to people with serious disease and well enough that they say he may be going home today.

And though he’s infectious, he piled in a sealed car with Secret Service, who have now been exposed because of him.

Maybe he’s very sick, maybe he’s not sick at all.

Aside from that, onward we continue in this slow-moving apocalypse, the dominos falling, falling, but as though through water. This world will be a different place after trump, in ways that cannot be remedied.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Have a great Monday, or whatever kind of Monday feel right to you right now.

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