#FridayThoughts: Generally panned


So here we are at the top of the week or the bottom of the week or however it is you want to view it. And what a week it’s been.

As of right now, trump has decided the way to prove how fit he is is to have a “medical examination” on television. Like it’s a reality TV episode.

The very fact that he thinks this is a good idea is ample evidence of his unfitness.

Meanwhile we’re sunny but hazy, and that describes many things at the moment, I’d say. I ordered a tart pan, because that’s just how things are now, I live through bakeware, and I’m eyeing the crochet I haven’t touched in months.

I think I’m getting ready for another lockdown, if I’m being honest. The numbers in the US remain grim, and I only see it getting worse after all this with trump.

Anyway, that’s it for me on this Friday. Have a good one and a wonderful weekend.


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