#WendesdayWisdom: Patterns


We all have behavior patterns, relationship patterns, patterns we fall into sometimes without thinking, sometimes reluctantly when someone yanks us in. And the moment you recognize that’s where you are, all the feelings rush back.

The specifics are essentially irrelevant, because my patterns are not your patterns. What’s universal is that sound of the spring-loaded trap.


Look, I’m no guru. I’m no expert in anything aside from trying to keep my head above water, and some days, especially these days, that’s about all I can do.

But taking a step back from the maze of a lifetime of twists and turns can help you to see it still twists in the same places, and the turns haven’t moved. That’s not great but it does mean you’ve been there before, and you know how to navigate them.

Sometimes that’s something you can do on your own. Sometimes you might need help and that’s OK too. Know that going beyond yourself to get through what you’re dealing with is strength, not weakness.

Anyway, with everything going on right now, how you take care of you matters. Have a great Wednesday.

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