#FridayThoughts: mind drizzle


It’s rainy today, not sort-of rainy but rainy in earnest, with thunder and lightning earlier. The sky is a bit brighter now, though, but it looks like the rain will be hanging around.

I guess you never know.

I’ve been feeling the stress of the times intensely lately, the closer we get to the election. Of course I hope things turn out well, but it’s the fear if they don’t.

That’s what gets me.

I’ve decided I need to focus beyond reality for a while, maybe get some new projects going, perhaps revisit old ones, at least in bursts, just to tear myself away from the news. That’s what I’m thinking on a late Friday morning, at least.

And that’s it for me for the week. It’s been an intense one, yet so little to report as I watch the trees take their final bow in their their full autumn color glory. By next week, they’ll be largely bare.

And around we go. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.


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