#FridayThoughts: It’s ok not to feel bad


After nearly four years of abuse at the hands of a usurped government, hearing that trump may have COVID probably doesn’t stir much in you in terms of sympathy. I say “may have” because he lies about everything, and the truth means nothing to him, so who knows.

People may try to make you feel bad about not feeling a certain way about it, and you know what? Forget them.

Your reaction is your reaction and you are entitled to it, whatever that reaction might be. They are horrible people doing horrible, horrible, unthinkable things.

Anyway, that’s it. Feel how you feel, it’s no one else’s business. Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend.


#ThursdayThoughts ten word photo prompt: perseverance

Photo by Lhairton Kelvin Costa on Pexels.com

Technical difficulties are my theme today, but nonetheless we press on! Because it’s Thursday.

And I said so.

Using the above photo as a prompt, wrote a ten word story. Exactly ten words.

Easy peasy.

Ready? Here’s mine:

Zombie death was no excuse. Enid demanded Roger finish painting.