#WednesdayWisdom: Take it as it comes


People are on high alert, seriously anxious at the refusal to acknowledge President-elect Biden’s win, and the Republican pretense that, despite losing the popular vote and the electoral college, trump will stay put. He won’t.

While there are several steps between now and January 20th, the reality is Biden clearly won. The world knows it; even the US knows it, with polls showing 80% of Americans, including Republicans, know he won.

And here we have the 20th Amendment, which states unequivocally that on January 20th, 2021, trump’s term expires and Biden’s begins. Trump doesn’t have to agree to it. Using my favorite analogy, it’s like a expiring parking meter.

Now, of course I could be wrong, and they could be mounting a successful coup, and with that, pretty much the entire world is screwed. It’s possible.


I just don’t think so. As of yet, the trump team hasn’t won a single court case. The deadlines for election certification loom; I don’t see the states Biden won being willing to play along, or any state really being willing to stand up in a court to defend a refusal to certify based on nothing.

So we’ll see. Let’s take now for now, and each thing as they arise. We’ve done our part, the rest is not in our hands.

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