#MondayThoughts: Lockdown 2, the Relockdowning


So we’re under a stay-at-home “advisory” here in Chicago, starting today. But people seem to be taking the word “advisory” flexibly, assuming it leaves latitude not to comply. That could prove problematic.

It’s clear we won’t have a normal Thanksgiving this year. For me, the last few years it’s meant going to a restaurant with my parents so no one has to cook, and that’s been great.

Clearly that’s a no-go.

This year, I will cook something and virtually meet with them. Better that than someone get sick.

It’s enraging that we’re here again, we had all the opportunity in the world to prevent it, but these idiots with their insistence that being a COVID Chris is their right have pushed everything right to the brink.

For what?

Anyway, this time we’re more ready, we’ve done it before, we can do it again. Have a good Monday and stay safe.

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