#TuesdayThoughts: Tweezing the tick of evil


As the sun sets on the trump regime, all I see are Republicans trying to inflict as much damage as possible upon their own country to serve their own ends. It’s nauseating.

There is this thing about powerful men, and let us be clear, it’s always men, where the entire world must conform to their whims. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of miles away in Russia, normal people try to live normal lives while putin slakes his unquenchable greed and megalomania; here as COVID burns free we watch as the trumps and the entire Republican party laugh and laugh like demons in a nightmare.

There is real evil in the world, and it appears that evil seeks power.

Thanks to the foresight of some people who lived hundreds of years ago, and people who lived at the beginning of the last century, plucking trump off the skin of America like a tick is not impossible. Come January, no matter what he says, he will be gone.

But, like that tick, he’ll leave behind that nasty head in the form of the Republicans still in control. Hopefully we can dig that head out in Georgia in January.

And that’s Tuesday, ended on a gross metaphor. Have a great day.

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