#WednesdayWisdom: We are not made of politics


Sure there’s a lot going on, and the situation feels volatile, though in reality, it’s likely much less so than it feels. President-elect Biden won by every metric, and the pushback against reality is disorienting.

But there are other things besides politics. I posted what I thought was a throw-away comment on twitter about how long my hair has gotten during the pandemic, and to my surprise, people were happy to chat about hair.

Just hair.

All minutes of all days don’t have to be dedicated to this absurd political climate caused, I will emphasize, by one side and one side only. It’s so typical of narcissism that the world becomes the narcissist’s world, and here trump is trying to do that literally.

We don’t have to allow it.

He can stomp his likely tiny little foot all he wants, for once, the world will not conform to his outlandish demands. And we don’t have to feed him energy for his temper tantrum.

So let us roll our eyes at the last days of the pathetic geriatric toddler and just talk about something else. It doesn’t have to be hair.

Have a good Wednesday.

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