#WednesdayWisdom: Thanksgiving hasn’t been Thanksgiving for years


It’s uniformly gray out today, sky to ground. Probably fog. Or the outside’s gone black and white.

Anything is possible in 2020.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and people seem obsessed with celebrating it as though there isn’t a deadly airborne virus that’s already killed a quarter of a million people. They want to pretend that every year it’s Norman Rockwell and cozy, joyous family time.

And to that I say: give me a break.

If we hadn’t watched people line up for sales, first at the crack of dawn on Friday, then midnight, and then on Thanksgiving itself, then maybe I’d say feel free to mourn a little but still, don’t do the big gathering.

But we did.

We saw as retailers forced their employees to work on this “sacred” day so that people could get blenders and socks at a modest discount. We’ve watched fights break out over televisions; we’ve seen people camping out for sales get robbed; we’ve seen stampedes over gaming consoles.

So this year, let’s not pretend that it’s stodgy Democrats and our stodgy desires to stop the death toll that shifted the tone of the holiday. People did it, voluntarily, for years.

If you can change your plans for a toaster oven at Target, you can change your plans to stop people from dying. And if you can’t, then what the hell is wrong with you?

Anyway, have a great Wednesday, and remember your choices for tomorrow could mean the difference between someone being alive at Christmas and someone not.

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