#TuesdayThoughts: Delivery in Social Isolation


This time around, I’ve started doing grocery delivery. There are no words to describe how fantastic it is to browse without trying to maintain six feet of distance, especially when others refuse to do the same.

But make sure to tip the shopper well, because it’s not an easy job right now.

Instead of winding my way through the aisles of the supermarket, at this exact moment I am typing this blog, the food magically on its way to me. I’m not entirely sure I’ll change this habit when we’re finally clear of the pandemic.

I hope we’re soon finally clear of the pandemic.

The idiotic lawsuits from trump have faded into an annoying background whine, it seems no one now is paying much attention, we have moved on, the world has moved on. Everyone but trump and his nebulous backers have moved on. But it’s over, the states are certified, Biden has won, in two weeks the electors will meet and that will be that.

It’s funny how embarrassing trump has made this for himself, when he could have pretended to have a little dignity. But he’s like a pathetic little boy who refuses to believe he doesn’t get the trophy. He’s not getting the trophy. And now he’s breaking things on his way out.

Anyway, my groceries are getting closer and I have Tuesday things to do. Have a great day.

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