#MondayThoughts: Zombies with fewer brains


It’s dark and gray today, and it looks like snow, though none is predicted. Here we are nearly at the deadline for the setting of electors, and now the time left on the trump clock can be measured in mere weeks.

It will be so wonderful to have him gone, to never have to deal with his whiny, pathetic malfeasance again. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say.

I’m still surprised it’s December, if I’m honest, this year is a blur of massive, terrible events with the endless drone of trump’s whine laid over it. How anyone actually voted for that man after the destruction he’s created is utterly flooring.

People are much dumber than I ever imagined, that’s really the bottom line.

So on that cheery thought, I’m going to call it a post. Have a great Monday, and watch out for the unthinking. They are real life zombies, minus the brains.

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