#TuesdayThoughts: Future vision


At least I’m starting with the right day today. I think. I’m pretty sure. Yeah, right day.

It’s both sunny and cloudy, I’m not really sure what the weather wants to do, and neither is the weather, it seems. Even mitch mcconnell has acknowledged that President-elect Biden won the election, and we are heading into the last wind-down of the year.

It’s been a doozy.

But finally an end is in sight, and with the electoral college done, we are well on our way back to political sanity. What a relief that will be.

I’m hoping it eases the path to creativity, I know I’m not the only one who has found imagination challenging while the real world gripped us here in a suffocating headlock. I guess we’ll see in just over a month.

Just over a month.

And that’s all I have today. Have a great Tuesday, which I nearly called Wednesday, so I don’t have it all straight after all.

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