#TuesdayThoughts: No room under the rug


Let’s say it clearly for anyone confused: we’re not letting an armed insurrection intended to overthrow an election go. We’re not pretending a domestic terror attack is no biggie. What happened was a coup, and Republicans incited and enabled it.

And continue to do so by not removing trump.

So my friends around the world, keep criticizing the way Republicans are trying to make us all pretend it never happened, the way they, like the person covering for an abusive spouse, say he’s learned his lesson and he’ll never do it again. The global incredulity helps.

We are well on track to a better country, but we need to cut out the rot. That means expelling complicit member of Congress, including those who refused to wear masks in order to deliberately infect their colleagues with COVID. We need criminal prosecutions.

No one is above the law, and we will prove it. Have a great Tuesday.

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