#WednesdayWisdom: Call out Republican whining.


It’s gray again, I’m not sure if we’re getting more snow. I’m extra tired today, I don’t know if it’s the weather or a night of dreams that were intense at the time but completely forgotten when I woke.

The coffee didn’t help.

I’m struck as we get further into this new reality–a whole week!–how much Republicans whine. About everything. They are maligned; we are outrageous with our demands that a literal attempt to overthrow the government be addressed; we are snowflakes who need safe spaces and yet the talk of a consequence to them is “cancel culture.”

Dramatic eye roll.

They solve nothing, they do nothing that doesn’t enrich or empower themselves. Instead they are the very embodiment of that which they vilify: people always on the lookout for a handout, wanting money but no work, on the grandest of scales.

So call it out whenever you see it, the “woe is me” the “we’re the real victims here.” These are people who tore families apart and put children in concentration camps, older ones left to care for the younger, without adequate food, shelter, blankets, beds, bedding, hygiene, medical attention. They are monsters, set to justify the monstrous while all the while saying we’re doing the damage by shedding the light.

They are not victims. They are predators. And they’ve fed on the soul of this nation long enough.

Have a great Wednesday.

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