#MondayThoughts: Ridicule the Ridiculous


So many people talking about “unity” and “bipartisanship,” and what they mean is Democrats doing what Republicans want or Republicans will whine about it and the media will run with it. Well, been there, done that.

Burned the t-shirt.

We know the games, the ones where absolutely nothing from Republicans is treated as “compromise,” while Democrats are demonized for not giving Republicans–who lost the House, the Senate and the White House because voters didn’t want them in control–control. It’s a new day.

And we’re going to call it out.

The nonsense is nonsense and it will not stand. Every time you see it, say something. Ridicule the ridiculous.

Bipartisanship means compromise, not capitulation. If Republicans want to be involved in creating solutions rather than problems they’re welcome to hop aboard; otherwise they can stop their incessant, endless whining and internalize the reality that Democrats won.

They gave credence to the Big Lie, knowing themselves that it wasn’t true, ignoring the contradiction of their accepting their own election results while rejecting President Biden’s. They watched as trump stopped President Biden’s briefings from the Pentagon, as people like Michael Flynn advised him to use the military to overthrow the government.

They knew. We saw what was coming; they had more data that we did.

So here we are, with Republicans throwing a tantrum over not getting the whole pie, and poised to shrug at planned attempt to end the United States as we know it. Hold them accountable.

And have a great Monday.

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