#WednesdayWisdom: It’s going to take time


It’s fiercely sunny today, a brief break between bouts of bad weather. It’s not warm, though, which makes sense here in February.

After a year of this terrible, deadly pandemic, with competent leadership we’re finally moving forward, but it doesn’t mean the day-to-day has changed. It’s difficult to know when it ever might, really, as firm a hold as this virus has due to the deliberate spread by the trump regime.

And I don’t say that in a conspiracy theory way, but in a demonstrable fact way; his regime took everything you do to prevent or end a pandemic, and did the exact opposite. They refused to test, to contact trace, they not only wouldn’t supply PPE but actively seized it. Told people not to isolate.

He predicated aid on whether leadership of states was nice to him.

It was all horrendous.

Anyway it’s weird to have these thoughts bubbling on this sunny day two weeks after he’s gone. And that’s the thing: it’s going to take time to get past this all, to process it, to acknowledge it was all real and all terrible. We’re not entirely out as the Republicans continue to try to cling to power in the Senate.

So random, weird, negative feelings are to be expected. It was a lot.

And that’s that for me today, have a great Wednesday.

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