#FridayThoughts: Sometimes what we think is helping isn’t.


Grocery delivery might be the one good thing to come out of the pandemic. I never would have done it before, and now I can get stuff done AND get groceries all at the same time.

That feels very 21st century to me.

It’s another deceptively sunny day, I can practically hear the wind, I think. I am feeling fully caffeinated and less lethargic than I have in a while, perhaps largely because I’m eating less sugar. I don’t buy into evil foods, but during the pandemic I’ve been baking a lot and eating far more baked goods than I ever have.

With the end in sight, I’ve culled it down and I have to tell you, I feel better. I’m not cutting sugar out entirely; in fact I’m adding sugar to my coffee in the morning with vanilla almond milk and cinnamon all mixed and heated in my milk frother. But that is two teaspoons of sugar, versus however many were in those cinnamon rolls.

The baking was a great stress reliever during uncertain times, and maybe we’re programmed to seek things like carbohydrates in days of great stress, perhaps because way back when, it meant we didn’t know when we’d see food again. But with President Biden, the whole world seems more in control.

So something that feels like it helps to cope in the moment may just do that, but it doesn’t serve long term. That’s fine. There’s no need for judgment over it, just see it, acknowledge it and work on letting it go.

Have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend.

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