#TuesdayThoughts: Almost bright


The sun is shining today in a pale blue sky, clouds flattened and evenly spread over the horizon like soft gray paint. It should be warm today, it’s probably warm today, and I just checked the weather.

It is warm today.

Yesterday was filled with unexpected errands, back and forth and back and forth, and I can see the glimmers of real life returning. For some people, I think it never left, they plowed through like nothing was happening.

Driving past a grassy area in Lincoln Park, masks were the exception, not the rule, with everyone looking doggedly defiant and smug. As they passed one another, a knowing look.

They are too important for the pandemic.

Their lives are more important than other people’s lives.

If other people get sick because of them, it’s their problem.

All that in a glance, fully observable from the outside. We are important, they affirm to one another. We are special. We matter more than other people.

I saw one man in his mask, head down, striding forward, perhaps trying to keep his thoughts to himself as he passed them.

It’s perhaps one of the greatest lessons of this horrible time that has taken more than half a million lives in this country alone: people are pathologically selfish. And, perhaps, sadistic.

Anyway, that’s it for me on this Tuesday, it was kind of a long ramble. Have a great day.

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