#MondayThoughts: Trying not to think about it.


Irritation is my attitude today. No specific reason, no specific motivation, just an underlying sense that everything, but everything, is stupid.

I’m a treat.

I did full cardio this morning instead of Daily Burn, and I felt great afterward, I may start mixing it up more often. But then I feel like I’m doing something wrong, messing with the routine.

Sometimes I have to take my own advice. No one is keeping score.

It’s sunny and cloudy today, not sure which is going to hold or which is is going to win, but there’s a definite feel of Spring lingering. All the way around to Spring again.

How strange.

And what I find myself talking around is what is taking up most of my mental bandwidth right now, specifically the needless death of Daunte Wright, just 20 years old, at a “traffic stop.” I use the quotes because we all know that this incident culminating in the death of a young man who called his mom in his final moments before he was shot to death by a police officer was not a “traffic stop.”

It was a modern lynching.

And it has to end. Black people have a right to exist in this world, and white cops don’t have a right to execute them on a whim. Poor kid, may he rest in peace.

And may that cop go to prison for the rest of his life.

Now you’re here with me. Let’s figure out a way to change this because it cannot, cannot continue. Too many lives gone already.

Have a deeply reflective Monday.

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