#TuesdayThoughts: Doing my part to save human kind


Well, I’m fully vaccinated. Not fully fully vaccinated, that will take a few weeks, but I’ve had both shots.


I set aside today to feel terrible and the reality is that I don’t. My arm is slightly sore, but not so much I couldn’t exercise. In fact I think that helped.

Honestly I felt worse the first time.

But I’ve decided I will still treat today like a “sick” day, only I don’t have to feel miserable to enjoy it. Why not? Doing your part to save humanity should have some perks, I think.

Yesterday the facility was far, far, far more crowded than the first time I went. It’s in the vast, echoey, empty remains of a furniture store, bruised concrete floors, bare walls, nothing left of what it was. First the line went back and forth, back and forth about half of its vast width.

Then, as you thought you were getting somewhere, you saw no, the length of the line doubled as it took nearly the whole width. And then, when you thought you’d rounded the final corner, there was yet another pocket of zigzags.

It was like customs without the fun of the destination.

But everyone waited distanced, patiently, moving through as they could accommodate. And that was that.

Speaking of that, that’s it for me, have a fantastic Tuesday, and maybe think about a “sick” day without the hassle of actually being sick.

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2 thoughts on “#TuesdayThoughts: Doing my part to save human kind

  1. My second jab will be the 29th June. We are running behind America with our jabs because we took a wait and see approach as COVID here in Australia is practically non existent. We still wash hands, use the check in code and socially distance but masks are rarely used any more.

    I had a day of aches and pains after the first dose of Astra Zenica but was OK after one day. It was my 70th birthday present three days after the event. Only now can you get the vaccine if you are above 50. Below 50 you need a different sort because of the blood clot scare.

    We live in interesting times.

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    • Wow!!! That’s a great birthday gift! I know you guys have done WAY WAY WAY better there than we have here.

      We don’t have that one here, we’re all Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer!!


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