#FridayThoughts: Where are the rocks when you need them?


The weird weather earlier in the week has abated, and now it’s sunny. It’s supposed to get warm today too, finally here at the end of April.

End of April. Already.

Today I am mired in the much of people complaining that treating other people like actual people is too much of a burden. Not even that; they’re not even required to do it themselves, but witnessing other people treat everyone like actual people is too much of a burden.

We are in the wake left behind by the former guy, the nazi-in-chief, the racist misogynist who told everyone to be proud and open and abusive in their racism and misogyny and it’s a slimy place to be.

I look forward to a whole lot of people slithering back under a whole lot of rocks.

Can you imagine being such a terrible person and having no shame over being such a terrible person?

Me neither.

Anyway, I’m going to weekend my weekend, and I’m probably going to start early, whatever that means and I hope you start early, whatever that means. Have a great Friday.

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