#MondayThoughts: Cheerleader or saboteur


Do you ever get the idea to do something, get inspired to do it, and then have that little critical voice chip away at the plan, chunk by chunk, until you figure, eh, it’s not worth the effort?

Of course you have.

Unless you’re a unique kind of creature who also probably wingsuits off mountains and teaches salsa dancing to grizzly bears or something.

Give me a break, my exampler hasn’t yet become fully caffeinated.

We all have those moments when we can either don the Team Us! uniform or slouch in the bleachers in our decades-stained and threadbare “why bother” t-shirt, waiting to throw a sardonic look at anyone who glances in our direction. I agree, even putting on the Team Us! uniform can sound like a lot these days.


As someone who is not me once said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Which apparently can be traced back to Chaucer, and not, as it sounds, like a pyramid scheme hustler seeking investors.

If you don’t try, you’ve already failed, also said by someone who is not me, allegedly J.D. Barker but I have some suspicions he wasn’t the first to string those words together.

But I digress.

Your effort is your own to use as wish. And maybe some things aren’t worth it.

But the question remains.

What if they are?

Have a great Monday.

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