#WednesdayWisdom: Drink some water.


It’s another gray and rainy day, and the promised loud construction noise just stuttered into fruition. This week has yet to be kind to my head.

You know that feeling, that low-level feeling, when you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing and you realize you’re thirsty? And then you ignore it because you don’t have water handy and keep going?

Get up.

Get the water.

It seems like the smallest detail of self-care, addressing your thirst when you feel thirst, or even the slightest hint of thirst.

And yet.

How often do you ignore it and do whatever you were doing?

For me, almost always. In fact I nearly did the same when sitting to write this post. But not this time.

I got the water.

We both know it’s not always water.

Whatever it is, whatever you think you can put off, don’t. Do that little thing for yourself.

And have a great Wednesday.

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