#MondayThoughts: Let’s GOOOOOOO


I’ve got a lot of energy today. I don’t know why or where it came from but I’m going to take advantage while I have it. It’s a nice thing on a Monday.

Yesterday I realized I lost an earring, just as I was going to take them off to shower. I looked around the bathroom, and didn’t see it.

I didn’t have time to search, I had to leave, so with the earring on my mind I got ready and on my way, less organized that I’d hoped to be.

And when I came home, I looked around for my earring. I grabbed a flashlight hoping for a telltale glint, starting in the kitchen, checking around the couch, the living room and again the bathroom.

Nothing. Disappointed, I figured that was that, and the earring was gone. That happens sometimes.

It got particularly humid last night and I’d done laundry. After finishing hanging the stuff I don’t put in the dryer, I decided I wanted to take a refreshing shower before bed. I glanced down at the floor of the bathroom.

And there was the earring.

In the middle of the floor.

I have no idea how, I looked multiple times, once with the flashlight, and had nothing. But like magic, it had returned.

Life can be like that sometimes. You think something is gone, or it’s done, or there is no chance, and yet one appears.

That’s also a nice thing on a Monday. Have a great day.

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