#FridayThoughts: Now with more Friday


It’s possible I may be overexcited about “Leverage” coming back as “Leverage: Redemption.” But it’s a great show and the kind of show we need, where the corrupt and the evil get what they deserve in deliciously-plotted ways.

If there’s anything we must have more of in the world right now, it’s the corrupt and the evil getting what they deserve.

It’s a brightly sunny day, not hot at all, at least not yet, and I shifted things around because I have a lot I’ve got to get done. Weird for a Friday, but here we are.

Here we are.

It’s been an odd week, I have a lot of birthdays in July and some are easier to shop for than others. Luckily the earlier one was super easy this year, but I’m having trouble with another. Usually something just pops out at me.

Not this year.

Oh well. I hope something will show up. Which sounds like a workable life motto, when you think about it.

And that’s it for me. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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