#WednesdayWisdom: It’s rarer than you think.


When you find people who speak your language, hold on to them. I don’t mean whatever language you speak natively, that would be a difficult grip to maintain.

I mean your personal language.

People who take the ride with you when your train of thought goes off the rails. People who see humor in the same things, tragedy in the same things.

It’s rarer than you think.

It’s really what life is, largely, making connections. Some are looser than others, and some are longer than others. And sometimes, not that often, you find people who get you.

You can’t assume that everyone will, though maybe you’re one of those extremely gettable people, in which case you’re probably too busy getting your cult off the ground to read this. And sometimes that click is so easy, you feel like everything will be like it.

It won’t.

So enjoy it, savor it, and keep it when it does. And also have a great Wednesday.

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