#TuesdayThoughts: The asteroid is coming.


It’s a muggy, gray day today, and I’m not sure if the moisture in the air is rain or humidity. I’s just hanging there, it could be either.

Yesterday I had a horrendous experience at the euphemistically-named “Best Buy.” Here’s the story, in case you want a bit more to read:

And after my blood stopped boiling this morning (who am I kidding, I will be angry about this forever, especially since I’ve gotten no response) I got to thinking about the name. “Best Buy.”

Given the lack of service and the striking lack of product in the store, it’s extremely optimistic. “Mediocre Buy” might be closer. Or just “Buy.”

The pandemic has changed the face of the world. People learned to navigate without disinterested employees in sports casual shirts putting their greatest effort into not helping you. The asteroid is coming, oh dinosaurs. Evolution is on its way.

And you don’t see a thing.

Have a great Tuesday.

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